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Since you are visiting this page, we thank you very much and hope that we will have your help.

Why helping Lens Young Dimashqi?

Lens Young Dimashqi, a voluntary documenting and media project, needs generous parties to help and support its progress and advancing.
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How to help Lens Young Dimashqi?
If you like our project, want to give a hand, and to support it, you can:

 * Share photos that are posted by Lens Young Dimashqi or share the links of Lens Young Dimashqi’s accounts on the social networks.

 Invite and tell your friends about Lens Young Dimashqi.

 * If you would like to join Lens Young Dimashqi’s team and helping them in a particular field, then visit this link and fill out the sample.

 * If you are an admin of a page in a social network, help us by sharing our page on your page and send us the sharing link Here

 * Propose a suggestion, an Idea, a critique, or an initiative by sending us an email to: lens.young1@gmail.com or click Here

Did not find what you can do in the last choices?

If you did not find what you can do in the choices above, then send to us a message to the address above or to our Facebook page, attached with your name, where you live, and what you can do to help us, so we can talk about it.